Jose Antonio Avila
Someone once said to me "theres not a whole lot of Acreage in chicago" Yes, that's true in a traditional sense, but to me "Acreage" means more than just "a big area of land." It means property; property someone worked hard to design or acquire. When it belongs to you, it matters. That's the way I feel about photography. I want to provide exceptional, natural looking images to suit your interior and exterior needs.

I've always loved Architecture, and Chicago is the one of the worlds hubs for architecture. In school, my focus was in architecture, I've been shooting since I graduated at Harrington College of Design's digital photography program in 2010. In that time I've learned that excellent photography makes all the difference when comes to marketing and presentation. I started Acreage because I want to be of service to anyone who needs exceptional interior and exterior photography.

To schedule a shoot give me a call at (773) 641-1198 or email at [email protected]
Acreage Photo